1. ASIS CTF 2017 Quals - Crows know! writeup

    This time, the task is very simple: after completing an obligatory proof of work (a basic SHA256 bruteforce) and waiting a couple seconds we are presented with a couple of pretty big integers, a and b. So what's the mission?

    Your mission is to find x, y such that x …
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  2. Nuit du Hack XV Quals - codetalkers writeup

    So this challenge was comprised of a single 15-megabyte animated gif, flashing various symbols at you one at a time for more than a thousand frames, each different color and size, positioned randomly on a black background. It seemed wise to disregard everything about them except what the actual symbol …

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  3. BSIDES CTF 2017 - nibbler writeup

    Alright. Alright, I'm doing this one.

    So for the nibbler challenge we've got something pretty simple - a source code of basically a Snake game, with a little bit of a twist in that instead of your usual score items the snake eats literally nibbles, or 4-bit chunks of data, that …

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  4. BSIDES CTF 2017 - ximage writeup

    Well this was a fun one.

    So what we've got here is this archive of seven BMP images:, and we also know from the description that every one of them should contain the same flag, starting with 'FLAG:'. Thumbing through them, we can see at a glance that …

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