1. ASIS CTF 2017 Quals - Crows know! writeup

    This time, the task is very simple: after completing an obligatory proof of work (a basic SHA256 bruteforce) and waiting a couple seconds we are presented with a couple of pretty big integers, a and b. So what's the mission?

    Your mission is to find x, y such that x …
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  2. Nuit du Hack XV Quals - codetalkers writeup

    So this challenge was comprised of a single 15-megabyte animated gif, flashing various symbols at you one at a time for more than a thousand frames, each different color and size, positioned randomly on a black background. It seemed wise to disregard everything about them except what the actual symbol …

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  3. BSIDES CTF 2017 - nibbler writeup

    Alright. Alright, I'm doing this one.

    So for the nibbler challenge we've got something pretty simple - a source code of basically a Snake game, with a little bit of a twist in that instead of your usual score items the snake eats literally nibbles, or 4-bit chunks of data, that …

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  4. BSIDES CTF 2017 - ximage writeup

    Well this was a fun one.

    So what we've got here is this archive of seven BMP images:, and we also know from the description that every one of them should contain the same flag, starting with 'FLAG:'. Thumbing through them, we can see at a glance that …

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  5. Codegate 2017 Prequals - Meow writeup

    We're given a binary which won't lauch without, and when launched asks for a password. Upon examination, turns out that the password should be at most 10 characters long, with its md5 hash equal to 9f46a92422658f61a80ddee78e7db914 (that's where the OpenSSL import comes in, but the implementation …

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